2 Apr 2014

The End of Winter Season

On 09.03.2014 Milica, Magdalena and me went to Novi Sad garbage dump to catch gulls.
This time i brought my bigger clap net. Covering some 65m2. At 09:00 I've got some 150-200 BHGs in catching area so started the clap net but the pipes didn't went all the way to the ground, in net was some trash and blocked it so all birds escaped...Two hours later I have again more then 100 birds in catching area so I wanted to start the clap net but the rope snapped...It was really frustrating...We again wait almost 2 hours and this time one side of the clap net didn't went down to the ground so at that side more then 50 gulls escaped at the end I ringed 61 BHGs. This was really hard day...I was happy that I managed to catch 61gulls, better than nothing...

On 15.03.2014 we again visit Novi Sad garbage dump and we ringed 22 BHGs.

We finished winter season with 440 cr BHGs. Considering that we started season 26 January it is not so bad. Now it's time for breeding birds :)

Few photos from both days:

 New workin area

I would like to thank Magdalena for photos and all people who helped me this season.

4 Mar 2014


        Milica, Magdalena and me went to catch gulls to Novi Sad garbage dump. We came earlier then 26.01.2014 and I expectited that we will ring over 100 BHGs. But I had to many problems with my clap net so at the I ringed only 28 birds, more than 20 escaped... When we packed and prepared to go home we saw one BHG alone, he has brocken wing, I catched him. We immobilize wing and Milica is taking care of him now, he is making good progress in his recovery.

 Milica singing with her first BHG

Working area

At the end I would like to thank Magdalena for photos.

2 Mar 2014

Finally catching at garbage dump in Novi Sad

We finally have approval to enter to garbage dump. It is good to be back.
On 26. February Jelena, Trso and me went to catch gulls. This was their first time to help me to catch and they were pretty good. I had only one catch but it was best so far. We catched and colour ringed 84 BHGs.

I would like to thank Trso for photos.

7 Feb 2014

Catching gulls on Strand Beach at Novi Sad

On 26.01.2014 I went to Strand Beach to catch BHGs. Good thing is that I have more people interested in gulls and helping to catch and ringed them. First catch was around 14:00 with more than 70 birds. After that first catch we pull the clap net three more times and finished the day with 157 cr BHGs, one bird was ringed in Hungary. Best day so far!

On 28.01.2014 We again visit Strand Beach to catch gulls. In first catch was 60 birds and in second was more than 40 but we have problem with one side of net and more than 30 gulls escaped :(, so only 10 gulls was left under the net. After all we had good two days.

Few photos of both days:

Me, Drasko and Ducky

Specially-trained duck for attracting gulls listening instructions

Magdalena taking photos



 Ringed in Hungary

 Kaca with her first BHG

When we finished ringing of gulls we catched few swans and ringed them, one of them had problem with fishing line and hook.

I would like to thank Magdalena and Kaca for photos.